This is a website made of many of my stories and series, and various other people too. I hope you enjoy the many stories the site is made from and that it may inspire you to write something too. There are currently 5 different sections:

  • Home (the page you are currently reading from)
  • About Me. A page dedicated to me and my legacy. (hurrah!)
  • Essays. Various individual essays that usually stand alone.
  • Monochrone. My series about seemingly unrelated characters.
  • Community. A page for friends of mine and other stories given to me to flourish.

Listed below are my latest works, with a brief description or excerpt.  Click on the titles to view the full work.


Airship Down

“And here we go downwards, to our failing doom,” I said calmly while the crew panicked. The captain frantically ordered everyone while I walked towards the side of the ship. I faced away from the wind and fall and leant back on the fresh air. “You’re a madman!” screamed one of the members of the […]

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The Sparrow has returned!

I’m back from my Winter hibernation of not-writingness. Also, some news on the new series. No more heaven/hell angels/demons battle. (at least not yet). It is now going to be the epic story of a team of soldiers who fight against other squads of soldiers in a broken world. The squads have been deserted by […]

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Seven Saviours: Teaser

The room was so quiet that I noticed the clock ticking. “Off,” I whispered with authority. Stalker disassembled it before it could chime our final hour. I knew he grinned in the darkness. However, unlike him, I could not see.

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Lost Scars

Another precious day began to slip away while I stayed in a cage.  A war had descended upon the land.  I was not supposed to know, but I had overheard guards.  I could not be blamed either because I could not exactly go to another room. As night arrived and day departed I heard the […]

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Coming soon!

Woohoot! A new series maybe coming soon… at the (aww) expense of the Monochrone slowing down. In summary:

Me + Imagination = New Series = Less Monochrone = More time for me to write Monochrone!

So… Good for me, bad for you (well… depends if you like Angels/Demons. Oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?)

– SP->

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I opened my eyes and saw three images slowly merge together to form reality. I was on the floor and spied the oil, slowly leaking towards the fire that was burning away at the metal walls. Suddenly, I remembered what happened when fuel met fire. I ran. Swiftly, I reached down and grabbed a backpack. […]

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Monochrone 4: Chaos

Silas Marshall was not one to be mistaken. He was seventeen and he had a dark presence that lingered around him. People stayed away from him, and for a good reason. He had once broken a boy’s arm but the victim said Silas had just stood there. Some students said that Silas was behind the […]

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First, and not last…

I forgot to post a Monochrone on the 19th and… that’s ok? It means I get more time to write another. However, it also means there’s no Monochrone this week. – SP->

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Monochrone 3: Anarchy

Mr Anarchy was making a fortune from the criminal world. He was a traitor to some and a key supplier to others. He bought and sold knowledge, weaponry and machines. Nobody knew where or what he was spending his money on. He had men’s lives in his hands; criminals who had large bounties on their heads, who Anarchy knew.

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He appeared. He simply appeared. At no time, nor space, as neither had been created yet. His name was Yveldst. When he was comfortable, he moved, he expanded and made a second radius. He continued this pattern. His pattern was the Flower of Life.

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